About Taras

Meet Taras Ivanitskii, a visionary architect, interior, and real estate photographer whose lens captures the poetry of structures and spaces. Born in Ukraine and nurtured in the cultural tapestry of Saint Petersburg, Taras's journey from computer systems to the world of photography unfolded with the rhythm of a captivating story.

Initially drawn to the intricacies of Information Systems and Technologies, Taras soon recognized his heart beating in harmony with the creative pulse. A pivot to UI design set the stage for a trajectory that would lead him across continents to the breathtaking landscapes of Washington, where he discovered a profound love for the country's beauty.

The artistry of photography, a legacy passed down from his father, soon beckoned. Thousands of shots immortalized on small local hikes and cross-country escapades crystallized Taras's passion for freezing moments in time. Architectural photography emerged as the genre that resonated most deeply—an art form that mirrored the slow, steady, and precise qualities he cherished in design.

For Taras, photography is a symphony of systematic precision blended with the thrill of chasing light and orchestrating compositions. His lens captures not just structures but the emotions embedded in each space—a testament to his keen eye for detail and a profound connection with the visual narrative.

Though Taras's work is yet to be published in mainstream publications, he stands at the threshold of a promising career, ready to unveil his unique perspective to the world. With each frame, Taras Ivanitskii invites you to embark on a journey where architecture transcends the tangible, weaving a narrative of beauty, precision, and the profound love he holds for the art of capturing it all. The story is just beginning, and every click of the shutter adds a new chapter to the visual odyssey crafted by Taras Ivanitskii.


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